We do a lot more than just supplying metal components.
Our manufacturing facility in India has over 22 year experience making a variety of castings and forgings. We have also established excellent outside services to increase our capabilities and provide a turn key solution.
  • Sand Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Open / Close Die Forging
  • Machining CNC / VMC
  • Metal Stamping / Sheet Metal Parts
  • Plating Facility
  • Heat Treating
Mechinical Design Service :
We provide design service including AUTO CAD, 2D/3D CAD design. We also offer reverse engineering design. Design is done under personalized attention so that designs are optimized for the most economical manufacturing method.
Prototype :
We provide functional prototype at a low cost in order to effectively test and validate your design before you invest in production tooling.
Manufacturer Instead of Manufacture :
Parts are thoroughly inspected per QAP at the manufacture by third party inspector prior to shipping.
Engineering Service :
Our engineer can provide product development assistance, engineering analysis, tool development, and manufacturing of all required tooling.
Need help in sourcing metal components at effective cost with focused quality assurance and door step delivery? We are here to help you!
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