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Sand Casting
Sand Casting is one of the most commonly used low cost options for forming complex metal component in any size and any alloy. There are several types of sand casting process based on productivity, cost effectiveness, dimensional accuracy, size and weight of the component. The most common types of sand casting are green sand casting, Co2 sand casting, no-back sand casting, and cold box sand casting.
Green Sand Casting : A mixture of sand, binders and water. Most commonly used option for sand casting because of easily available, inexpensive, and very easy to use in the molding process.
Co2 Sand Casting : Similar to green sand casting, it is a mixture of sand, binder, water and gas used as a hardener.
No –back Casting : A mixture of sand, liquid binder and liquid hardener. It is costly compare to green sand as well as co2 sand but it is used because of good fluidity, most commonly used in thin wall, sharp edge casting.
Cold box Casting : A mixture of sand and organic binder. Similar to no- back it is eco friendly casting process.
At Styro Metal Parts we can supply casting in semi finish , finish condition.
Single Piece Capacity : 1 lb to 2500 lb
Range of Products :
Steel Base
  • Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Medium / High Alloy Steel
  • Mn / High Mn Steel
  • Cr Mo Steel / Ni Hard
Iron Base
  • Ductile Iron
  • Grey Iron
  • Sperodical Grey Iron
  • Any Fe base grade as per coustomers specification.
Key Sectors :
  • Pump & Valve Industries
  • Material Handling Industries
  • Crushing / Grinding / Mining Industries
  • Construction Machinery / Cement Plant
  • Electro Magnetic Clutch Break Industries
  • Long Rolling mill machinery component
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • General Engineering Industries
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