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Die Casting / Pressure Die Casting
Die casting or high-pressure die-casting, is when molten metal is injected into to closed die at high pressure and the same pressure is maintained until the casting reaches the required level of solidification. It is generally used for high volume production. With the high pressure die casting process you can obtain highly accurate dimensions and relatively smooth finished surfaces that may avoid secondary process like grinding. Finishing operations may be required to produce specialized features such as holes, painting, polishing, plating or buffing.
Die Casting Process
There are four steps foe die casting.
(1) Die Preparation Creation of a hardened tool mold cavity that may be lubricated for convenient removal of the final product.
(2) Die Filling Molten metal is injected into a closed mold at high pressures. The pressure in the mold is maintained until the casting has reached the required level of solidification.
(3) Ejection Shots are forced out by ejector pins.
(4) Shakeout Shots are separated into the different components and scrap is removed. Components are inspected at shakeout for defects.

At Styro Metal Parts , We can supply die cast component.
Capacity of press : 120 Ton to 650 Ton
Pressure Die casting : 18 lb / single piece max.
Gravity Die casting : 33 lb / single piece max.
Manufacturing Range:
  • Regularly manufacturing Grades A 380,A 383,A 356, A 319
  • Any aluminum grade as per customers requirement & specification
Key Sector:
  • Hydraulics Industries
  • Pneumatic Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Fasteners Industries
  • General Engineering Industries
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