We do a lot more than just supplying metal components.
Machining and Heat Treatment
Our CNC machine shop can take your castings to the next level and supply a finish machined casting to your specifications. In addition if required your parts can be heat-treated at our state of the art facility.
There are definite cost advantages to machining parts overseas. These cost advantages do not come at the expense of a quality product. We proudly maintain high quality standards on machining and 100% guarantee to your satisfaction that all parts meet or exceed your expectations. Our customer needs are our top priority on every order.
Our machinery shop is well equipped with conventional machine and CNC turning lathe with chucking dia. 380 mm and CNC VTL machine with chucking dia. 1000 mm.
Types of Parts Machined from Castings:
  • Impellers
  • Various pumps
  • Diffuser, wear plates
  • Fittings: pipe nipple, coupling, BSP & NPT up to 6
  • Air compressor
  • Blower parts
  • Industrial parts
  • Measuring instruments
  • Parts for Radiography, MPT/DPT components
Need help in sourcing metal components at effective cost with focused quality assurance and door step delivery? We are here to help you!
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